Claire Kittle Talks Game Day Style, the Super Bowl, and What Comes Next

Her visibility—especially as the 49ers have dominated over the last few years—has afforded her the luxury of having custom pieces, such as the varsity-style leather jacket from sports icon Jeff Hamilton, sent her way.

“There are five Super Bowl dates on it, and on the back it says, ‘Five Time Champion,’” Kittle says of the jacket. “When [Hamilton] sent it to me, I was talking to him on the phone, I’m like, ‘Okay, so you’ll edit this?” And he goes, ‘Yeah, oh absolutely. I’ll edit that.’ It’ll be sick if that comes to fruition. When that comes to fruition.”

Back in January the Kittles partnered with Levi’s—which bought the naming rights to the 49ers home stadium in 2013—for an upgraded take on a Canadian tuxedo. Richardson is largely responsible for the his-and-hers looks, which read like a love letter to their relationship. Both sets are tailored by Rachael Marie and hand-painted by Ty Christian with references to their relationship, such as the dates of both their engagement and wedding; George Kittle’s nickname for Claire, “Lettey”; and some of the tattoos he has, such as Master Chief from Halo and Calvin and Hobbes.

On Instagram, Kittle’s 234,000 followers gush over her ensembles as well as her relationship with both her husband and her fellow 49ers WAGs. (When she poses with the likes of Juszczyk and Olivia Culpo, fans beg for a Housewives-style reality show.) Thankfully, she hasn’t faced too much negativity—even from opposing fandoms.

“I think George’s entire career, people have loved him,” she says. “He’s the same person you’ve seen since he’s been a rookie in the media as he is today. He is fun-loving. He’s good at what he does. He’s remained at the top of his position across the league for as long as he’s been here, for seven years. And I think people can see that genuine side of him, and love how he plays the game and his work ethic. So even if we go to an away game and it’s the opposing team’s fans, they’re like, ‘I love your husband. I love you. You guys are great.’ All these things. ‘We would love to have him on our team.’ So that has been amazing because that doesn’t happen to everybody and that doesn’t happen everywhere.”


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